Gopeng Ultra Trail is an ultra marathon event, created to give different experience to ultra runners in Malaysia to enjoy run in one of the magnificent Lembah Kinta Geo Park destination which is at Gua Tempurung, Perak.

Right after the first event, GUT was invited to join the Malaysian Ultra League (MUL) Championship. Those who participate in our ultra categories will receive points according to their achievement, and this will be added to their total points in the league as they participate in other MUL-certified ultra marathon events.

To create the best team, you must dare to work together with crazy people. These are the people who work so hard to make this event happen.

Race Director (Boiy Nadz)

He travel around the globe, waving the Malaysian flag from Greenland to the North Pole. An adventurer who challenge himself entering a lot of running event, duathlon and adventure race. A born Sarawakian that don't know when to stop.

Technical Director (Encik Amri)

An adventurer who learned and gained experiences in unfamous Outward Bound School in Lumut. Owned a company that provide mountain expeditions and doing technical work in the rainforest such as trail blazing, scientific expedition and trail  management.

Event Manager (Amirul Azaha)

A rugged, courageous young man in trying something impossible and challenging. An adventure traveller that use any opportunities wisely to achieve his dream to walk around the globe. He has no regret and never looking back on whatever that he starts. Everything must be finish succesfully.
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