Drop Bags

There is a drop bag service for 100KM runners without a support crew. Initially, only one drop bags area that we appoint for 100KM at CP6 (Kuala Razila). The drop bag service should not be used for any checkpoints that your support crew will definitely be in attendance. Drop bags can be useful for extra food, gels, body lubricant, spare socks, clothing, batteries and spare headlamp at the checkpoints and for warm, dry clothing and footwear at the finish. Drop bags will be taken to the following locations:
  • Checkpoint 6 - CP Kuala Razila
One drop bag per runner is permitted for each of the above locations. Drop bags must be close-able and strong enough to protect all the gears inside. Plastic bags/garbage bags and hard plastic boxes will not be accepted. Drop bags must be less than 20 litres in volume and less than 5kg in weight. Drop bags must not contain any glass bottles and any liquids must be limited and if included, must be securely contained. Valuable items such as money, jewelry, passport or identification card should not be left in drop bags.

How To?

  1. All drop bags must be clearly marked with NAME, BIB NUMBER and CATEGORY (100KM SOLO / 100KM DUO). Write on the drop bag with a thick permanent marker pen rather than trying to attach a label that may be ripped from your bag in transport and handling. 
  2. Checkpoint drop bags must be delivered to Drop Bag Counter at Race Check-In on the Friday evening (22 March 2019) between 2.00pm and 8.00pm. It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure checkpoint drop bags are placed into the correct checkpoint counter on the Friday evening.
  3. At each drop bag location, checkpoint staff will line up drop bags in race number order. Any bags without a name and race number written clearly, securely and easily visible will not be able to be placed into order.
  4. Only the runner can collect their drop bag at the drop bag locations. Once each checkpoint drop bag is finished with it must be taken to the used drop bag pile.
  5. Drop bags will be returned to the drop bag marquee near the finish area at Gua Tempurung within 4 hours of the relevant checkpoint cut-off time. It is the responsibility of runners to collect their own drop bags.
  6. Any drop bags not collected by 12.00 noon on Sunday will be disposed

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