Our 100km trail challenge is designed to be challenging from time to time. To enter this category, you MUST at least had join or successfully finished any Ultramarathon distance (ex. 45/50/60/80km). The challenge offered in this event might be different from what you have experienced before. This route consist of running on a tarmac, gravel road, logging trail and a single trail. Not forgetting the heat that you might faced nor the rain that might fall along the logging trail.

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Since the route of this category is consist running in the middle of the jungle, some of the runner might not comfortable or have courage to run alone when entering remote area. The safety aspect is also the main concern to run in a long distance trail. This category is offered to those who can motivate and inspire each other during running.

The team of 2 people can consist 2 Men or mix Man & Woman. Both runner will have to complete the route and they will do it together. They must start and finish the race together to be officially declared as finisher in Duo category.

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50KM | 100KM

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50KM | 100KM

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