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Gua Tempurung located at the district of Kampar, Perak Daruk Ridzuan, Malaysia. It is a cave and very popular among spelunkers, or caving enthusiasts. More than 3 km long, it is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia. Part of it has been developed as a show cave with electric lighting and walkways and there are a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. A fine river cave, the river passage runs about 1.6 km through the hill. There are three very large chambers and some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

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You can easily getting here by driving on North-South Highway (PLUS). The nearest exit to Gua Tempurung is at Gopeng. You can check the toll fare in the website by entering information From where and To your next destination.

Otherwise, there is an alternative option by using public transportation. You can choose the best for you to take from our suggestions below.

Public Bus

If you're from central, the best place to take a bus is from Terminal Bersatu Selatan (TBS). There's a lot of bus that can take you straight to Gopeng bus station. You check any available bus at their website with the ticket fee ranges from $20 to $28/person/way. Once you arrive at Gopeng, there's a lot of Taxi standby at the bus station that can take you to Gua Tempurung. If you choose to run as your first warming up session, please run with pride to the event area.

Electric Train Service (ETS)

Others you can choose to travel by train. You can take ETS from Sentral KL to Kampar Station. You can check the availability and book the ticket online at the website, or purchase direct from any KTMB station. The travel time is around 2 hours 20 minutes. The distance from this station to Gua Tempurung is about 16 kilometer. You can take a Taxi, GrabCar, Uber or warming up run to the event site.
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