Special Rate Gua Tempurung

The APT Consortium is the company responsible for managing Gua Tempurung by controlling the influx of visitors, collecting payment and repairing facilities. Gopeng Ultra's collaboration with their party is to obtain permission to use the area as the event's site. In addition, the APT Consortium has also offered a 50% discount to runners and free vouchers as a reward.

This vouchers is one time use only and limited to 2 person per entry. This offer applied to all existed packages with the expired date of 1 year. Feel free to visit Gua Tempurung right after your ultra run. Thank you for your trust with Thirty Ascend Services in organizing Gopeng Ultra Trail.

Special Rate Gua Tempurung Special Rate Gua Tempurung Reviewed by 30 Ascend on January 29, 2018 Rating: 5
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